Website Design & Development

Servicing Burlington, VT and the surrounding area

Loud Canvas Media is a cutting edge website design and development firm servicing Burlington VT and the surrounding area. We provide quality web services such as website hosting and support and deliver timely, customizable web products at affordable prices.

Our Website Design Package

Loud Canvas Media's iterative design process is intended to directly align your site's look & feel with your goals and objectives. Through targeted conversations and a surveying process, LCM will learn about your marketing goals and specific web-driven objectives. At each juncture in the process, your feedback will be requested to ensure you are completely "on board" along the way until design finalization.

Package Specifics

LCM will use your company's logo (if applicable), colors, and other branding elements; a consistent menu bar with buttons for each "top-level category"; and a look & feel which is professional, consistent, pleasing, and engaging.

Site design suggestions are presented to you online as static screen caps. When you are satisfied with the design, LCM will

  • Convert the home page and interior page designs to XHTML, CSS and web-compliant images
  • Create a global site style sheet w/styles for section headings, body type, tables, & form styles
  • Begin incorporating the design with the development piece (eg "Site Tools/Features")


LCM will conduct multiple rounds of three (3) separate designs, from which you will choose one as your final choice. This will include:

  • Creation of a unique home page design
    • Multiple rounds of feedback to settle on a homepage design
  • Creation of a consistent "template" for some or all additional pages to reside within
    • Multiple rounds of feedback to settle on a template

Estimated Timeline

Normal: 3-6 weeks.
Expedited: 2-4 weeks


Please contact us via phone or email today to request a quote.